About Sallee Development


"I built my first home with Randy Sallee in the early 1990's after purchasing a piece of property in Lee's Summit. He made the experience exciting and hassle free as he worked with us to build the home we wanted and keep it affordable, too. A few years later, my parents were looking for a new home and I knew they would be more than satisfied when they decided to purchase a home that Randy had built in Grain Valley. I had already found the craftsmanship and quality of his homes to be excellent and I knew Dad would be very pleased.

In 2001 I decided to move to Grain Valley and the first person I contacted for a new home was Randy. He had a model home ready for occupancy that we wanted to call home. We liked to boast that it was the prettiest house on the block!

In mid 2002 my son wanted to buy his first home and I told him "You can buy a brand new home with the same money that you can buy a used home, so let's go talk to Randy." One month later, he broke ground on his new home and has been a happy homeowner ever since.

In 2004 we decided we wanted a bigger home, one customized to meet our needs. We met with Randy and put our ideas to paper. In 2005 our new custom-built home was a reality. Randy is a perfectionist for quality and is a person who sees the job through to the end. In summary, Randy Sallee and Sallee Development are above reproach and if, and when, I am in the market for home number six, I know who will build my home!"

William and Donna Armstrong | Grain Valley, MO

"Our home was built by Sallee Development in 1999. We had driven through a subdivision in Lee's Summit and found a home of the size, quality and uniqueness that appealed to us. Unfortunately the home was not for sale. We struck an immediate like to the builder, Randy Sallee, and sat down to design a custom home of our own. Throughout the building process, Randy was able to bring fresh and practical ideas that ultimately made our home a work of beauty and pride to us. Randy made the entire process enjoyable.

Randy's own building crew and subcontractors were professional and everyone delivered what they promised on a timely basis and within budget. Last minute changes were accommodated without fuss or confusion. We have recommended many of the subcontractors to friends and family for projects they have had at their homes. We were impressed with the monthly budget report that tracked all expenses, materials and labor. This allowed us to monitor what was being spent during the entire construction process.

Many builders are gone as soon as the papers are signed. We were impressed with Sallee Development's warranty for handling any problems up to a year following home completion. We are still very proud of our home and feel glad to have had Randy build it for us. This is an honest builder I can truly recommend. We would have Sallee Development build our next house should we ever move."

Dan and Ruth Charpie | Lee's Summit, MO

"Sallee Development is a testimonial in itself. Randy Sallee has been building homes for over fifteen years and does not appear to be slowing any time soon. Many of his work force has been with him for these years, which for us was a key component in finding the 'right' builder.

Whether you are wanting a custom home, or purchasing a home built by Randy, you can be assured that you are getting one of the finest homes available. Does this mean that you will not have any issues? Absolutely not. As homeowners, we demand a great deal of attention and service. Rightfully so. Sallee Development has to maintain at any given time that "we" are their only customer. And they do, better than any other we've seen from Overland Park to Grain Valley. You will not find a finer built home and will feel that you are their only customer. We could go on with many other examples and details, but do not want to diminish the sincerity of this recommendation. However, we invite you to view our home, and we will explain in detail why you should have Randy Sallee build your home."

Kristi and John Gatti | Lee's Summit, MO

"Randy Sallee and Sallee Development built a beautiful house for us. The quality is evident in the craftsmanship throughout the house. Randy and his crew gave us unexpected extras in the design of our ceilings and in the layout of the ceramic tile, particularly in the kitchen. Randy easily accommodated our changes to the original house plan and readily worked with us to help us save money in the build-out of the basement. All-in-all, we had a very favorable experience with Randy as our builder and we are very pleased with our new home."

Steve and Angie Minshall

"We have followed Randy Sallee's home building for close to 15 years. When we decided to build our new home, other areas and builders were considered, but we always come back to Randy and Sallee Development. We chose to build in Woodbury in Grain Valley. No other area or builder offered anything that compared to the way we felt about our initial experience with Randy's team, or how we felt about the Sallee Development Home' that we toured. Building a home is never problem-free, but the experience we had with Randy and his team minimized the confusion and issues that inevitably arise, and helped the process become even more exciting.

Our home was not built from an existing plan; we had special and specific ideas for our house. Randy, drawing on his expertise and knowledge of home building, incorporated our wishes in the most practical and cost effective way, always answering questions and explaining his suggestions.

Randy's staff demonstrated the same friendly atmosphere and dedication to help new homebuilders simplify and enjoy the process. It was also refreshing to show up at the site that was being built and talk to Randy's subcontractors and have them mirror the same feeing about working for Sallee Development, and the same commitment and respect towards Randy as we had. The subcontractors were always willing to answer questions and explain the building process, which we believe also mirrored the work philosophy exhibited by the Sallee Development organization.

After hearing of negative experiences from other homebuilders, it further confirmed that we made the right choice when our partnership with Randy didn't end at closing. Since we moved in, the issues have been minimal, and Randy has always taken care of things in a convenient and timely manner.

We are proud to own a Sallee Development Home, and to have the relationship with Randy that we do. He is not only our builder, but he is a neighbor and we now consider him a friend."

Eddie and Debbie Saffell | Grain Valley, MO

Now that a year has passed in my new home, I wanted to thank you all for the quality of your work and for your dauntless follow up. Any flaws were minor and quickly rectified. Being a new resident of Kansas and not having background knowledge of the area and the builders, I took my realtors advice and purchased a Sallee Development Home. She was right, this is my 7th new home and the most trouble free I have experienced.
I'm sure it's common for you to produce a product of this quality but it's the service received after the check is cashed that makes you, in my eyes, real professionals.

I just wanted to say thanks."

Buddy Callahan | Olathe, KS