About Sallee Development

Construction Process

1Staking of Home on Site or Lot: (1 day)

The home will be positioned on a plat of the lot and then staked by our surveyor.

2Obtaining Building Permit: (1 week - 3 weeks)

Depending upon the city or county which we are working in, this may take anywhere from 3-4 days to 2-3 weeks. Site plan and building plans (septic if required) must be reviewed and approved by the city or county jurisdiction we are working in.

3Clearing and Excavation: (3 days)

Clearing the lot is what the title implies -- clearing trees, brush, rocks, roots, and debris from where the house will be positioned on the lot plus any additional space required around the house for grading and working room. Excavating for the foundation will be completed after site clearing. Excess dirt removed from the basement excavation might be put out of the way and saved for future backfilling and landscaping.

4Footings: (2-3 days)

The footing is the base of the structure and supports the foundation walls. Footings are typically poured into forms or trenched below grade level. Footings shall be placed according to local code and are always inspected by the local building official.

5Foundation: (1 week)

Foundation walls are poured on top of the footings and are reinforced with properly designed rebar spacing according to plans, typically 8’ or 9’ in height and placed according to site grade level. The finished foundation is then waterproofed from the footing to the finish grade line. Based on weather conditions, foundation walls must be adequately cured before backfill takes place.

6Utility Hookup: (3-5 days)

The builder arranges for temporary electrical service. Water and sewer hook-up will be completed by the plumbing contractor. If in an area that requires a septic system, the time frame for installing a septic system may vary depending upon the system design.

7Ground Rough Plumbing: (2-4 days)

Once the foundation is poured and backfilled the plumbing contractor will install all sewer and water lines that service the home. These sewer and water lines will typically be placed in the gravel bed and covered by the basement concrete slab after inspection approval.

8Flatwork for Basement Floors and Garages: (3 days)

Flatwork (or concrete slabs) will be poured over a gravel bed and is typically reinforced with #4 rebar or wire mesh. Work can be performed as early as 24 hours after flatwork is completed.

9Framing: (2-6 weeks)

Time frame for completion of framing can vary depending on size of home and weather conditions. The builder/superintendent oversees the framing subcontractor to make sure that the home is being constructed according to plans. Windows and exterior construction doors will typically be installed during the framing stage.

10Roofing: (2-5 days)

Roofing will be completed as soon as possible after the framing stage. Felting, roof flashings and roof shingles are all installed during this phase.

11Exterior Siding, Trim, Brick and Stone: (1-3 weeks)

This phase of construction is carried on while work progresses inside. This can be done before or after roof shingles are installed. Stone, brick and stucco may not be applied until drywall work is completed.

12HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical: (2 weeks)

All heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical are installed at this time. Low voltage wiring for security systems, stereo wiring, central vacs, etc. may be installed after electrical installation is completed.

13Insulation: (3 days)

Wall insulation is installed after HVAC, plumbing and electrical inspections are completed and approved. Attic insulation is blown in after the drywall stage.

14Drywall: (2 weeks)

Drywall is completed in (4) stages – hanging, taping and mudding, texturing of ceilings and final sanding.

15Prime Walls and Paint Ceilings: (2 days)

Upon drywall completion walls are primed and ceilings are painted.

16Hardwood Flooring: (1-3 days)

Hardwood floors will be installed before cabinets. These are left unfinished and are stained and finish coated at a later date.

17Cabinetry: (2-4 days)

Cabinets will be installed after hardwood flooring and before or during trim stage.

18Interior Trim: (1-3 weeks)

Interior doors, moldings, mantels, closet shelving, etc. are installed at this time. Time frame will vary according to the size of home and amount of trim work involved.

19Painting, Staining and Lacquering: (2-3 weeks)

The home is now ready for painting inside. After the home is cleaned for the painting contractor, typically staining and lacquered woodwork are completed first. Followed by enameled trim work, then interior wall paint is applied.

20Tile, Countertops and Vinyl Floors: (3 days - 2 weeks)

Countertops (if granite) and vanity tops are installed along with vinyl and tile for designated areas. Time frame will vary according to the amount of tile work to be completed.

21Finish HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical: (2-4 days)

HVAC, plumber and electrical contractor now return to complete their trades. This will include plumbing and light fixtures, appliances, plugs and switches, etc. being installed and completed.

22Carpet/Hardwood Finish: (1 week)

Hardwood floors may be finished before the carpet is installed. The builder will allow at least (3) working days for the hardwood finishing. No other subs will be allowed in the house while this work is done. The final coat of hardwood may be applied after carpeting and touch-ups to minimize foot traffic.

23Landscaping/Sod: (1-3 days)

After finish grade is completed, landscaping and sod can be installed simultaneously with other trades working inside the home.

24Clean Up: (Ongoing)

Internal and external clean up will occur during all phases of the building process.

25New Home Orientation: (2-3 days)

After all touch-ups are completed, a final walk-thru and home orientation will be completed with homeowner.

26Final Inspection, Surveys, Closing: (1 week)

After the completion of the home, all final inspections from the city for building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing shall be made. Also, the lender will make a final inspection at this time. When all are approved, we will coordinate the necessary paperwork and schedule the house closing at our title company.