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Randy Sallee began his home building business in 1989. After working as a structural engineer during most of the 1980's, Randy and Linda Sallee decided to forgo working for a large corporation and venture out on their own. With lots of help from family and friends, many long days, nights and weekends, Sallee Development has became one of the most solid and reputable businesses in the greater Kansas City area.

Randy Sallee believes that the success of a development is dependent upon a team of talented and dedicated employees and subcontractors. "Subcontractors who take pride in their work are the life and blood of our company. Our job is to make sure our trades do the quality work we expect both for ourselves and our customers. We are always working towards putting out a finished product that we can proudly put our name upon."

Sallee Development has built their reputation on delivering a quality product on-time and at a reasonable price. This, along with follow-through with our buyers after they have moved into their new home, is what has allowed Sallee Development success for so many clients, their friends and their family members on a repeat basis. "Our referrals and repeat clients continue to grow. There is no better compliment than when someone calls and says 'Remember us, you built our home 17 years ago and now we are ready to build again.'

Sallee believes that the basic principles will always be the same, which is completing a quality product at a fair price and follow-through after the sale. However, the market is constantly changing and we have to change with it. Energy efficient homes, sustainable products and building "Green" are here to stay. The company has seen a change in demand, where bigger is not necessarily better. Effectively utilizing every inch of floor space in the most efficient way possible is more important than ever. Even the younger families are building smaller floor plans with more energy efficient features that will pay dividends in utility savings, maintenance and even property taxes for years to come. "The transition over the last few years has been interesting for us as a company. We know being at the leading edge is where we will need to continue to be in order to provide the type of product our buyers expect."

Everyone has a mission statement it seems. Ours is still the same. Build the best product at the best possible price and take care of our customers both before and after they move into their new home.